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Safety is Our Priority

At Branscome Paving Company, our commitment to safety is an integral part of our corporate culture and a non-negotiable part of our core values.

Our comprehensive safety protocols have been built from industry standards, from 30+ years of hands-on experience and from a deep care for our employees and community members. Because our employees are our family, we take every step to create a culture of safety. Our staff, managers and executives are trained in protocols that keep them, our clients and the public safe from harm.

Branscome Paving Company complies with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Corporate policy and procedures provide a safe and healthy drug free work environment for our employees and the public. Our health and safety principles meet or exceed Federal, State and Local requirements.

Safety Manager

For every Branscome Paving Company project, it is the responsibility of the Safety Manager to ensure all employees have been properly trained to be in the location or on the equipment they will utilize that day. They are also responsible for constantly evaluating the work area and checking in with our employees to ensure there are no safety issues that need to be addressed. Any safety incident or potential hazard that is identified is immediately reported for prompt resolution.

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Enforcing Safety

Our safety protocols are always evolving to keep everyone safe. To ensure our safety protocols are implemented successful, we insist on the following:

Employee Training 

During new employee orientation, safety protocols are a focal point. We also require our employees to participate in ongoing training to keep their safety and equipment certifications current.

Safety Meetings 

These mandatory meetings are conducted to keep safety awareness at the highest levels and update employees on any new protocols in between training sessions.

OSHA Seminars

To stay abreast on the ever-changing safety regulations, personnel regularly attend OSHA’s 10- and 30-hour seminars.

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