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Branscome Paving Company specializes in asphalt milling services. When it is time to repair and replace your paving asphalt surface, you want to have a company that cares about the final product as well as the environment.

Branscome Paving Company is dedicated to keeping costs in check for our clients as well as doing our part to lessen our impact on the environment. One of the most efficient ways we can achieve both goals is to recycle asphalt concrete. Asphalt concrete is 100% recyclable and one of the most recycled manmade products in the world. Re-using this product allows us to pass on cost savings to our clients by reducing the amount of new materials required for the project.


Over time asphalt oxidizes and succumbs to the effects of weather and the environment. It is beneficial to remove the surface layer prior to the new asphalt overlays. By recycling asphalt concrete during the milling process, we can maintain existing pavements through resurfacing as opposed to fully rebuilding them.

Branscome Paving Company owns and maintains several full-size asphalt milling machines. Using our equipment ensures that the job is done right and that the milled material can be safely brought back to our facility to be processed into new asphalt concrete. These machines and the entire process is staffed by well-trained crew members, many of which have twenty years or more of experience in the asphalt paving industry.

A Look at Our Milling Services:
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We Recycle Asphalt
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