Asphalt Paving

At Branscome Paving Company, paving is not just in our name, it is what we do. From designing the asphalt mixes to the final rolling, we can provide any asphalt paved surface required and all the aspects of paving associated with it.

Our Asphalt laboratory is certified by all major testing associations and is staffed with highly trained and experienced personnel. Branscome Paving Company’s Lab designs several dozen asphalt concrete mixes every year.   All asphalt produced by us is per VDOT specifications whether the asphalt is for a small residential driveway or for Interstate 95.

Our Asphalt Manufacturing Plant is also staffed by well trained and highly experienced people. Some of our management personnel have over four decades of service in the asphalt industry. The plant itself, a Standard Havens, is rated to produce 400 tons of asphalt per hour.

The capability to manufacture Asphalt is important but all those tons have to go somewhere. Ninety per cent of all the Asphalt we produce is hauled by Branscome Paving Company trucks and placed by Branscome Paving Company paving crews. Our trucks are all VDOT certified and driven by qualified, safety conscious operators who deliver our products responsibly and safely on a daily basis. Our Asphalt Paving crews are manned by people with several decades of experience in asphalt paving and have given our company a reputation for outstanding service and quality.

At Branscome Paving Company we pride ourselves on the ability to bring a paved surface from design to reality with our own resources. Paving is what we do and we do it all, from start to finish.

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